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Merry Meet!

Come in, Witchlings, and see what magick here lies!

Psychic Readings & Spiritual Advising

Get insight into your life, answers to your most pressing questions, and advice on how to proceed from one of KC's best psychics!

Meet the Witches!

Reiki & Energy Work

Find healing with a Reiki or energy session. We have several modalities of energy work available including Crystal Reiki and Energy Healing, Naga's Light Reiki, and Traditional Usui Reiki, as well as Chakra Energy Balancing, Earth-based Grounding, and Energy Protection Sessions.

Show Me How!

Magick & Spell Casting

Take control of your life with the power of magick! We are able to cast spells for you or teach you to cast your own!

Make My Life Magick!

Clearings & Haunting Help

Clear your space of negative energies, energetic imprinting, or get help with entities or spirits who have not crossed to the other side.

Clear My Space!

The Witches' Attic

Crystals, candles, talismans, herbs, spell kits, enchanted charms... we have it all!  Find lots of Magickal items for your home and life in The Witches' Attic!

Show Me The Goods!

Groups, Workshops, & Classes

Find our latest classes, workshops, and groups here! Or hire us to come to your event. We witches love a good party!

Tell Me More!