Merry meet and brightest blessings! I'm Adrienne and I'm a Witch. I get a lot of questions about myself, how long I have been practicing, and how I got to the place I'm in now, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about me and the services I offer.

I come from a long line of Witches - so long that I can't even tell you where the magick started. Maybe it just "was" and evolved along with my family line as we evolved into the beings we are today. I just know I am blessed to have the blood of my incredible, powerful, talented, and kind ancestors flowing through my veins.

My mother raised me to question, to read, to pray, and to just be, and that I would be guided to my destiny. It took a lot of reading, doing, being, and questioning to realize the full nature of my ability and who I really am. At 33 years old, I began to transform. Internally, I changed. And even though I have been working with magick for as long as I can remember, I finally came into my full Witchiness. Memories came flooding in, cell memory took over, I began to recognize magick in the world that I hadn't seen there previously, and the connections! I have made so, so many connections with other souls who need me and whom I need as well!

About halfway though my 33rd year, I connected with my beautiful Dragon guardian whom I now work with as my primary guide and protector. He is there to guide me when I am working with spirits, doing readings, performing healings, and even as I move through life, even when I am not consciously asking for his influence. Indeed, that I how I became aware of him in the first place. He is a gentle yet fierce protector, who loves all things shiny and red.

I am called to bring healing and guidance to our world, and I am blessed to be able to work with individuals to work through worldly and spiritual issues, and serve as a guide to help them connect spiritually and move forward on their journeys. I offer intuitive tarot reading and spiritual advising, reiki and energy work, home blessings and clearings, newborn blessings, magickal workings of all kinds, and have recently been contacted by spirits who wish to speak to their loved ones still on this plane.

Please find my offerings and pricing below. I am available for appointments and walk-ins at Into the Mystic, located in Mission, KS, at least a couple of days a week, and I offer special prices for those who visit me while I am there. The energy is amazing, and it allows me to see multiple people without having the expense and time of driving. (Or cleaning my house!) My specials will be posted on my personal Facebook page and The Local Witch's Facebook page as well. I can't wait to work with you to further your journey!

Merry part, until we merry meet again!

~ Blessed be! ~

Readings & Advising

Find some guidance with an intuitive tarot or pendulum reading, or a spiritual advising session. Spirits occasionally come through, but it is not guaranteed.

1 hour - $75

1/2 hour - $45

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Crystal Energy & Reiki

Heal, clear, and balance your energy! Chakra balancing, cord cutting, and personal protection are also offered.

20 minutes - $40

40 minutes - $60

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Blessings & Clearings

Clear the negativity from your home or give the gift of a blessing!

Clearings - $50 - $150 (depending on space)

New baby blessings - $100

Haunting consult - $50

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Magick & Spell Work

I am able to offer magickal workings for almost any purpose, excepting anything that would harm another.

Most spells run $50 - $150 depending on the complexity of the spell. Consultations are Free!

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