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I've gotten more requests for psychic readings and past life regressions this year than any before. Not since the fateful September day in 2001 have I experienced so much uncertainty in my fellow humans. I haven't done a psychic reading or published anything since the pandemic began. I pride myself as being a beacon of hope in the psychic community, and for a few weeks, I had little hope to share. This has changed.

I centered myself. I looked at science and metaphysical signs. I looked at history. I looked inward. I looked to God…

This is what God has shared with me so far… plagues happen. We aren't facing anything more than the people that walked the Earth have experienced since the dawn of time.

Is it the end of the World? Perhaps it's the end of life as we knew it before but I promise this hearty planet will keep on moving in its destined path for what to humans is "forever…"

Will some of you die? Yes… eventually we will ALL die. Will your parents and loved ones and pets die? Yes...but not today. And what is forever to humans is just a little slice of eternity to the Universe. Fear not. Every single person we know will either watch us die or we will watch them die. This is nature's plan. Let's not question it.

So what should we question? We should question why humanity, like a virus, is destroying our home, mother earth, our gift from God. We put out poisons and trash and hate and negativity. I do not differentiate what your race or religion or position on the planet might be at this particular time, ALL of us must gather together under great spirit.

Man made climate change is real. With the shut down of the world's factories we can see the sky through the smog. Even in China, today you can hear birds chirping for the first time in years.

Get your priorities straight and let's better our home planet for our children and our children's children before it is too late. God gave us free will. Let's use it.

Blessings to all… I'm doing email readings for free for the first 100 people to respond to this article during the month of May. Send me your questions and comments. Blessed be and Hail Mary, who is full of grace…just like you...

Yours Always, Stephany

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