Naga's Light Reiki Sessions

Once upon a time, dragons lived among us. They were known as The Dracen. They were beautiful and reclusive, holding powerful magick,  and only the chosen could go to them. These chosen were healers and alchemists, the first witches, if you will. There were those who didn't understand and, of course, with lack of understanding comes fear, and with fear, eventually violence. The Dracen were protectors, and wanted no war with the other beings of earth, even though they were fierce and strong. So The Dracen were driven from the earth, escaping into the cracks of time and space, and found a peaceful dwelling place just across the veil. As time went by, the stories of the uninformed turned into that of legend, and spurs much of what we know of dragons today. But the dragons remain, waiting patiently for those with open minds and hearts to hear them through the veil...

Dragon guardians are spiritual beings who have been working with us since time immemorial. They share a very strong protective energy and are able to work with us in the physical and spiritual worlds through the natural occurrence of dimensional rifting. Adrienne has been working with dragons on her spiritual path for years, and is now able to share those energies for healing and energy work.

Adrienne incorporates her training in the Usui tradition of reiki, color energy therapy, and crystal energy healing, with the channeling of and creation of space for her dragon guardians. You will experience a comfortable reiki-like session in which you choose what you would like to work on. At times, messages from the dragons do come through to Adrienne, but this is not always the case, and is the choice of the dragons if they would like to communicate.