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Welcome to the first ever March Magick Intensive!

Dive into the sparkly, witchy world of magick with the very first ever March Magick Intensive!

The Marc​h Magick Intensive is an immersive experience, lasting throughout the magickal month of March! Explore the energies of each day, learn to create your own rituals and spells, join in hands-on workshops, create magickal items for your home, and end the month with an immersive, magickal weekend retreat! All within a high-vibe community of like-spirited individuals! Then join us for an immersive, magickal weekend retreat!

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If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information floating around out there on how to live a magickal life, you are not alone. There is a lot to take in! With a little guidance and maybe a little (eek!) structure, you’ll have a good baseline for leading a magickal life!

Let me help you build new habits to help you live your best life! Every morning you will get a video from me with a quick check-in for the energies and correspondences of the day. Check it out first thing in the morning or save it for later in the day. The pace at which you move is completely up to you!

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Get the best of both worlds with both online and in-person activities! Learn to listen to your own inner witch and how to work within the energies of a dynamic group! Begin your alignment with the greater energies of the Universe! Sign up for the entire experience or choose to join us just online! Online participants will still get access to me directly by messenger or our weekly lives!

When you join me on Patreon you will get access to the online portion of this program absolutely free! Plus get a massive discount on all four in-person workshops (click an image below to get more info on individual workshops) and our three-day immersive, magickal retreat!

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This is a time of awakening! With spring just around the corner, the world is waking up. It’s time to rub your eyes, give a big, long stretch, and begin the season. As you become more fully aware of your own energies, you will find your alignment with other beings, as well. Part of embodying your magickal self is tapping into that Universal Rhythm, feeling the energies that align with your own, and harnessing them to create your own reality.

For something this amazing, I would usually charge at least $1,100 -  BUT because this is the very first program of this kind that I'm offering, I'm giving you an incredible discount. You can get this program today for only $260!

And if that's not enough - you get an even bigger discount when you join me on Patreon!

Join me on Patreon to get the online portion of the program absolutely free!

Or get the whole program for only $120!

Payment arrangements are available.

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This month is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to share these amazing energies, shifts, and growth with you! You are an amazing, magickal, powerful being. You deserve this!

See you soon, Witchlings!

Celia Adrienne

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