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MystiCali's Card of the Day - The Fool

by MystiCali

     The Fool is my very most favorite card in the deck and it's the one I drew for you today! The Fool is all about trusting yourself to know what's right and to not let let anykitty tell you differently! Some cats like to tell you what to do, and think, and eat, and even sniff! (I won't name any names here.)  But if you don't trust yourself, you'll find you are on the wrong journey, and maybe eating someone else's food that you don't even like that much.

The Fool also can mean you are just starting out on your journey

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and is a reminder to let your heart lead you. You have a lot to learn (and I'm going to help!) so don't get discouraged just because you don't know as much as we cats do. Part of reaching enlightenment is being okay with starting where you are, are not getting ahead of yourself. Just like in kit school, if you don't learn how to catch the string, you'll never catch the mouse.

     You are an amazing human and I believe in you! I hope this card of the day was helpful and you can find yourself where you are right now, trusting that you're on the journey you are meant for. As always, whisker blessings to you!

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