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Hello witches and other beautifully magical creatures!!

My journey to witchdom has been a roller coaster ride. One that I don’t seem to be able to get off of. And honestly... I don’t want to get off this ride.

The amount of growth and molding that’s been done to my mind and spirit is insane. I feel like I’m morphing into a higher, more powerful, version of myself.


It takes blind leaps, brutal honesty with yourself, and an amount of confidence that I NEVER thought I would have.

This journey demands you love your darkness almost more than you love your light. Oh.... and the real fucking kicker is that you don’t get to turn back around and abort the journey... sorry dudes... once your mind has expanded and seen the shit I’ve seen... it doesn’t go back to its original form. It’s like t he door your entered from doesn’t even exist anymore. So buckle up and be sure this is what you want.

This journey is hard and scary and exciting for those “mentally healthy”.... so add being clinically depressed and anxious and chronic physical pain on top of that. Then don’t forget to add on top of THAT, seeing and hearing spirits and dirties.... and what do we have?


But don’t forget the— “I can tell the future once in awhile” salad dressing. Then we can’t leave out the— “my mother thinks I’m worshiping the devil” croutons!! WOOHOO FOR WITCHDOM!

Okay... but for real that’s what I’m here for. It’s why I do what I do. To be a rest point- or guide lost if you will- for those embarking on this beautifully chaotic journey. To help people when they’ve lost direction or have lost hope that they will make it through. To be a sanctuary for those who need a break. For those who need to be reminded to laugh along the way.

Let’s get funky 🤘🏻

Wanna send me a message? Just fill out the form, hit send, and your message will come right to me. Talk to you soon!

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Hello witches and magical creatures!

       Thanks for checking out my page. My passion is supporting you and your magical and mental health journey. And don't the two usually go hand-in-hand? This is my page with all my stuff. Scroll down for more about me and the services I offer!

                                                       Let's get funky! ~ Ya Local Chaos Witch


All services are currently being offered as distance sessions only.

I have returned to regular pricing; however, I understand that there may still be a need for assistance. Please contact me if it will be a hardship for you to pay full price for the service you require.

The Chaos Witch's Journal

Adding magick to your daily mental health routine.

Coming Soon!

April 27th, 2020

I'm working hard to bring you the best content available. Check back soon.

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Pick-a-Pile Reading for You!

Where should your focus be? Pick a pile and get your reading!

Readings & Services

Scroll down for services other than readings

Readings & Spiritual Advising

As a lightworker and intuitive, it is part of my journey to assist others with my gift of sight. I offer Tarot & Oracle, Bone Throwing & Pendulum, and Witching Hour readings, as well as Guided Meditations to open a line of communication with your guides.

These readings are all available in written format by email or messenger, or through Zoom.

Reading prices:

$33 - mini 

$66 - basic

$88 - full

Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot and oracle cards are one of the oldest known forms of divination. I use multiple decks and spreads to give you the best reading for your questions or situation.

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Bone Throwing & Pendulum

Witches have used bone throwing for centuries as a method of divining. I use my set of "bones" to divine your energetic state and to answer any questions you may have.

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Witching Hour Readings

Dive into your shadow with my most intensive reading, done at the witching hour. This is a three page reading..

See below for a more detailed description.

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Connect to Your Guides Guided Meditation

I love facilitating meetings between my clients and their guides! When you are ready, I will guide you through the process of meeting your guides and getting new insight to your spiritual journey,

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Other Services by The Chaos Witch

Custom Sigil Art

Energy off at home? Got a weird ghost in your house? Need a last minute gift for your girlfriend? I've got you covered!

Sigils are created specifically for each person and each situation. No two are ever the same and each has it own unique magickal energy. Each piece is energized, blessed, programmed, and consecrated with your intention in mind.

Once your order has been placed, I will contact you for a consultation, you will receive updates with pictures of the process, and then I will ship your personalized sigil to you with instructions for use.

The amount of time varies for each piece, but most pieces are finished and shipped within 2 weeks. Larger or more complicated pieces will take longer.

Mini - $45

Small - $88

Medium - $111

Large - contact for consultation

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Growth Spells

Growth spells are all about helping you with your personal journey.  Each spell is specifically tailored for you. No spell is the same as another.

Each kit will include plant seeds selected for your specific magickal request and a pot which has been blessed, infused with reiki energy, a sigil specifically created for you, and then covered with magickal art created to channel energy to bring about your desired outcome.

It is important that I know what you want the focus of your spell to be, so please contact me for a consultation. We will discuss focus and pricing during your free consultation.

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Reiki Sound Healing

Reiki is an ancient energy healing* modality which involves the transference of Universal Life Energy or Chi from the practitioner to the client. As a certified reiki practitioner, I combine the element of reiki healing with  the art of sound frequencies to create a unique and complete energy healing experience for you.

Mini - $33

Full - $88

Extended - $111

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Spell Casting

Add a little magick to your life! I cast spells for prosperity, good spirits, enhancing your own spiritual gifts, more confidence, changing bad habits, and more! I will not do anything that would interfere with another's free will, but am excited to cast for you to improve your life!

- $77

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Witching Hour Readings

Witching Hour Readings are my most in depth readings and are for those who are ready to take a deep dive into their shadow.

I will channel messages from your guides, send you a shadow work sigil for your journey, and type out your reading so you will have it to keep and reference. These readings usually take 2 - 3 hours to complete and you will end up with a 3-page document.

If you would like to share information with me about your journey to get a more focused reading please email me once you have completed your order.

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*I am not a healthcare provider and the services offered here are not a substitute for professional medical care, either mental or physical. If you are experiencing a health problem, please consult a licensed physician.