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As I write my own bio, I realize defining myself is more difficult than I had imagined. My human birth name in this incarnation on earth is Stephany Ann Milburn. In 1982, I confirmed myself Rainbow Joy Moonbeam. This name is very precious to me because it solidified my life as a servant of That Which is Nameless. My Native American name is Laughing Wolf. It should be noted that my ancestors named me "Better Seen Than Heard" but I changed this as quickly as a young witch could.

I specialize in birth and death rites. This is part of my soul's work through many lifetimes. I also on occasion will marry a happy couple set on solidifying their union in holy matrimony. This work I do as my soul service. I make a living mainly doing psychic readings and as a past life remembrance guide. Most people would call my guided meditation technique a "past life regression." This is a passion for me. To help someone remember the eternity of their soul is the greatest blessing I have ever experienced.

I also do totem work specializing in Native North American Animal Medicine and I'm quite fond of dice readings. I also cleanse areas, create prosperity blessings, and help turn long lost and damaged entities back toward the light. I'm an astrologer, a fortune teller, a dreamer, a poet, and an ardent student of That Which is Nameless. I am also the caretaker of four cat familiars. They nurture and feed me love an guidance.

I call myself witch but I resonate very dearly with the traditions of Catholicism and Kabbalah. I love music, literature, and the visual arts. With all this said, I would like to wish blessings, wisdom, and love to all who read these words.

I'm here when you need me...

Stephany Ann Milburn

Rainbow Joy Moonbeam

High Priestess

Laughing Wolf

Hello my loves!

Thank you for visiting my page! This is where you will find the latest on my blog, as well as my services! Check out my bio on the left (or below, if you're on mobile) to learn more about me. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

                                                     I love you all ~ Stephany Ann Milburn, High Priestess Rainbow Joy Moonbeam

Blame It On Uranus

An ongoing series of informational entries


Well, it's been an entire week since I started this journal. The week went fast. It went too fast. The time passed so quickly, yet in some ways, last week seems like a very long time ago.

So to catch myself up, I reread my first journal entry. DAMN GIRL, YOU GOTTA LIGHTEN UP… (read more)


I've gotten more requests for psychic readings and past life regressions this year than any before. Not since the fateful September day in 2001 have I experienced so much uncertainty in my fellow humans. I haven't done a psychic readings or published anything since the pandemic began. I pride myself as being a beacon of hope in the psychic community, and for a few weeks, I had little hope to share. This has changed... (read more)

Dice & Totem Readings

Find some guidance with an intuitive dice reading, or a spiritual advising session. Spirits occasionally come through, but it is not guaranteed.

Full reading - $88

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Past Life Readings

Are you dealing with recurring issues, phobias, memories you don't understand? Learn about the issues you dealt with in your past lives and are still working through now.

Full reading - $88

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Clearings & Blessings

Clearings are currently being done through distance energy attunements. Please have pictures of your space so I am able to connect with it.

Full clearing - $111

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Life Events

These services are currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

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