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Zodiac Sign Life Hacks

Well, it's been an entire week since I started this journal. The week went fast. It went too fast. The time passed so quickly, yet in some ways, last week seems like a very long time ago.

So to catch myself up, I reread my first journal entry. DAMN GIRL, YOU GOTTA LIGHTEN UP… is my response to last week's words.

Life is what it is and we might as well enjoy it. Actually, it's an interesting time in history. I can legally smoke marijuana in my home but I can't spend my day in the park without social distancing. The entire situation has everyone, including me, thoroughly paranoid and confused. I'm done letting myself freak out. It's time to get back to life.

This concept of getting back to life without freaking out seems to be on all our minds. Overwhelmingly, the theme of email questions concern this process.

So let me say this now, we need to distract ourselves from our own thoughts. This is a complicated time but truly, we can get through it if we use the elemental laws of our astrological signs. Each of the four elements of the signs have their own secret recipes of how to cope. Whether you are a fire, air, earth or water sign, there is an astrological cheat sheet life hack for you.

Fire Signs

Let's start with fire signs. This is Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs are calmed by taking action… to be a fire sign is to act…

If you are a fire sign, direct ACTION is your short cut to a peaceful mind. Just DO something. You can start that livingroom work out routine your sister keeps talking about, or you can clean out your refrigerator, or go through all your laundry and donate any items that no longer serve you. You could just take out the trash and walk around the block. The key is not WHAT a fire sign does, the key is in the simple act of doing… something, anything, just get out of your own head. You will find much relief in action.

Air Signs

Next let's talk about air signs. This includes Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While action has a calming effect on fire signs, air signs are centered by thought. Fire is to act. Air is to think. So start using your imagination. Write a poem, imagine your Utopia, think about what you want to name your future children. Let your mind fly. The key is to distract your mind until you find something uplifting to think about. The dire thoughts of reality will pull you down. Pure childlike imagination is the key to beating the blues for air signs.

Earth Signs

For earth signs, which include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, it's a little more complicated to explain. While fire is to ACT, and air is to IMAGINE, earth signs simply are meant to BE. Earth signs will be comforted by being themselves. If you love to cook, throw yourself into a cooking extravaganza. If gardening is your thing, start planting or weeding or whatever it is YOU do. Be yourself in uncertain times and you will find comfort.

Water Signs

And finally, we come to water signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have perhaps the most mentally difficult way to deal. Water signs simply have to FEEL. Feelings are difficult for me, a Libra, to understand. While Libra can think circles around an issue, water signs simply have to feel their way through life.

I think this is very difficult. Emotions are tricky. My advice for water signs is to just go ahead and let yourself cry. When you're finished, a good laugh is always coming next. Water signs are the hardest for me to comfort. I wish I had better advice for you. A very beloved Pisces of mine will put on a movie that brings out a certain feeling. She also finds peace in listening to songs that have been inspirational throughout her life. Coping through feelings is hard. I'm sorry.

With this said, I wish you a peaceful and centered week. I'll be using my coping mechanism just as you use yours. We will get through this pandemic. I promise…

As always, send your questions and comments to me, we can chat. Blessed Be!


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